Digital Distribution

Digital distribution:

Kontra will handle the digital distribution of your audio and video material on all existing worldwide platforms around the world. Since digital distribution has no restrictions in terms of territory we are able to offer digital distribution to all countries of the world or only for one or more individually selected countries, its your choice. Opportunities are unlimited! Innovative digital distribution and technology are integrated with over 350 of the world’s largest streaming and download platforms, including specific local platforms.

Whether you are a publisher who needs a partner, a band that needs a distributor, or you want to publish a release on your own, we have the solution to publish any form of your music, whether it’s a single, EP or album. Thanks to this system, we are able to offer you the possibility of exclusive publishing of releases for just one specific platform, pre-order system, the creation of ringtones or video materials.

Youtube monetization and protection:

In cooperation with our partners from Believe Digital, one of the world’s largest digital distributors, we are able to offer you advanced Youtube channel management, verification system, video editing, and protection.As an important source of revenue, we pay particular attention to the administration of Youtube content. The whole process is monitored by a team of experts with the Believe Digital headquarters in Paris, who will ensure that each material is protected and monetized and all Youtube rules are protected and delivered.


Our priorities are:

  • To maximize your income
  • To optimize your Youtube channel which includes channel arrangement, SEO optimization, specific strategies and monitoring the performance of videos.
  • To monetize your content in the best possible way
  • To protect your Copyrights on the internet and in majority remove all illegal materials.


Through the Believe Backstage, you will be able not only to have an overview of your entire catalog, including Youtube material, but you will also have 100% transparency! Daily reports, advanced analytics, reports by country or by stores and platforms, demographic reviews of your listeners are just some of the benefits of this system.

Financial statements that you can simply create when you need them, retain your own revenues and absolute control over finances. This unique system offers you countless opportunities for promotion, such as daily trends, monitoring playlists on which your songs appear, daily top lists from selected platforms, demographics of your audience and track listings on top lists in different countries.

Everything with the goal of you better understanding your public and make your music placement better!