Runda and Impala bring Spotify to Ment festival!

We are extremely proud to announce this year collaboration with Ment festival!

As newly established Regional Association of Independent Discographers (RUNDA), in cooperation with IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association, MENT will be the first in the region to host a presentation of the Spotify streaming platform.
Its representative Jeff Stempeck from the USA will hold two workshops – one for music publishers and one for musicians and their managers – where he’ll reveal how to best take advantage of the tools and information offered by the platform.
Workshops will take place on Friday 1st of February – 14:30 h for Record labels and 15:30 for Artists and Managers. Both workshops are by invitation only!

Apart from Spotify workshop Runda will held presentation together with Impala and explain what is that we do. RUNDA is the newly established Regional Association of Independent Discographers from the area of the former Yugoslavia and Albania, which will join forces (assisted by the IMPALA association) to seek solutions and answers to the numerous challenges of music publishing in the region (for example, the arrival of Spotify). We’ll learn about who the association is intended for, why its existence is not only sensible, but also necessary, and, above all, how the mountains in the hilly Balkan music scene will move.
Presentation will take place on 1st of February at 13:00.

Check out Ment programe: