Kontra @ Ment festival 2020

We are happy to announce that Kontra GM and founder, Nikola Jovanović, will be at Ment festival conference. Nikola will speak at the panel called Ex-YU Recording Market: Overview and Prospects.

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Host: Ira Kolbezen (Glitterbeat Records, SI)
Speakers: Nikola Jovanović (Kontra, RUNDA, RS), Relja Milanković (Bassivity, RS), TBA

The most distinct feature of the regional music market is its small and fragmented national markets that cover more than 21 million people, not to mention the vast number of diasporas spread across the world. The new-found RUNDA (Regional Association of Independent Discographers – Balkans), a network that connects a significant number of regional labels, set on a path to do a systematic analysis of its specifics and total retail value. The results of the research will be used as the starting point for a debate on the state of affairs, which will offer various points of view on the prospects for this specific market.